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T: Joke


Dear all,

As mentioned before our LH-HAM is prepared to invite you to HAM for the weekend 12.-14.6.09 with an attractive program.

Let me quickly summarize the package before I will add hopefully on Monday a nice invitation format:

1.) Package price will be 190,-€/Person including

  1. a) 2 nights in Ibis Hotel close to airport (with shuttle bus) and breakfast in double room.
  2. b) Weekend public transport ticket to allow free movement even for non competition participants (e.g. sightseeing/shopping)
  3. c) Transport to lake Oortkaten, just 30 KM from airport
  4. d) Light lunch and drinks at Ortkaten
  5. e) Evening award dinner and one free drink at LSV- club.
  6. f) Free dive after competition (tanks and weight belts will be supported)
  7. g) Visit of Hamburg “Fischmarkt” on Sunday subject to return flight arrangements
  8. h) Proposal for nice shopping and sightseeing of non participating guests


2.) Schedule:

  1. a) Arrival on Friday 12.6.09 – please advise for welcome meeting
  2. b) Competition – see current rules on Saturday, pick up Hotel by 9:00 hr, return latest 18 hr; award dinner by 20 hr
  3. c) Visit of Hamburg fish market – we have to be there by latest 8:30 hr (off from hotel by 7:30) alternatively tour through harbor area and new harbor city area at more relaxed time subject to your departure on Sunday 14.6.09


  1. d) IMPORTANT: Please confirm number of participants latest by April 2009 to my attention as we have so far only limited hotel reservations


3.) Competition:

  1. a) Buddy team (2) – one rescue snorkel diver has to lift a scuba diver (best time)
  2. b) Orientation parcour for buddy team (best time)
  3. c) More or less secret fun exercise for at least buddy team (2) (best time/performance)


>Important: due to local regulations we will and have to check your valid health certificate and diving brevet (min. CMAS *)!


4.) Others:

  1. a) Bring your own complete diving equipment!
  2. b) Bring nice and sunny weather with you!!
  3. c) Hope to see lots of you healthy in Hamburg to celebrate our 30th Diving Club anniversary with us!


Mit freundlichem Gruß
Best regards
Dieter Zimmermann
Manager Operations/QM & Into Plane Services

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